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Telling a story while Skiing with a GoPro

I just published this video on my personal YouTube channel so I thought it was worth sharing. I really believe it's important to tell a story with your travel videos to make them compelling and interesting.

There were a few learnings from this like using ND filters resulted in a bunch of really nice looking shots but it also ruined a few shots by being overexposed. So the learning was to still use "Auto" shutter speed but with a low ISO. Which means I might not always get the exact shot I want but this is an action camera, there has to be a compromise.

This was also a bit of an experiment by using my motorbike helmet instead which had the microphone mounted which meant I could very easily talk to the camera. The downside was not being able to easily hear other people and then wearing a motorcycle helmet while skiing also looked a bit weird! :-)

Would be cool if GoPro instead had a "Preferred" shutter speed!

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