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What happens from here?

Short version

  1. Confirm the order with you

  2. I prep the file and send to the printers

  3. Printers to the printing, obviously... :-)

  4. The print is sent to you directly from the printer

  5. You hang it on a wall and tell all your friends

Confirming the order

The photos are made specifically to order so if you've placed an order online, I'll contact you to confirm or if you have a custom request, which there's no additional cost for, by the way, they're all custom really anyway, then I'll quote you on the price before placing the order.

You can also place an order by just letting me know which image you like and what dimensions you want it in and then I'll let you the price. 

I won't process an order until I know for certain that you're getting what you want.

The file is sent to print

The print process is pretty straightforward but this also ain't Office Works, it takes a little bit longer to do things properly. This is the longest part of the process and is dependant on the current workload of the printer but generally, allow a couple of weeks from start to finish. It's usually about a week but times can vary.

Printed with one of Australia’s leading photographic Prolab for fine art and premium photo printing based in Sydney, we don't compromise on quality for the end result.

The print is sent to you

The fastest way to get your print to you is that the printer sends it directly which costs $20 on most occasions, Sydney metro etc. However, I'll quote you on the shipping while confirming the order if it's more than the standard cost. 

Returns and Refunds

We are a small business so returns and refunds are done on a case by case basis. We want to ensure upfront that you are getting the product you want so we don't offer change of mind returns. 

Damaged items can be returned to us and we will organise a replacement, please contact us to arrange.

I like something, what now?

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