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My reaction to GoPro's new app update

I saw that GoPro had a new update and rather than just going through it all and then talking about, I thought instead I'd just go through it with the camera so we can discover it together.

If you don't feel like sitting through that, here's a quick summary.

The app formerly known as Quik

The editing piece of GoPro is now in the main GoPro app rather than being separated into the Quik app. You can still use the Quik app but if you're starting a new edit, it will be done within the GoPro app itself.

Fresh new look

There's a new UI which for the most part if just new updated icons where most of the functionality is still the same.

No more crashing on clip movement

One of my pet hates about the GoPro Quik app was as soon as you had anymore than about 20 clips in an edit, the app would crash on any attempt to try and shift the order of the clips. From the minor testing that I've done so far, this seems to have been resolved. I even threw an edit at it with 114 clips and it didn't crash. However, it was struggling with the load and did freeze but at least it wasn't just crashing without even trying.

Music is updated but missing My Music

The music component has been updated slightly, new UI mostly but the "start music" is now included within the music selection, which makes more sense than where it was in a separate place previously. However, there is a section called My Music but I can't seem to find anywhere that I can add my music to it. Maybe I'm missing something or hopefully there's a hotfix on the way to resolve that!

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